Musiker oder Büro-Arbeiter? Musician or Office Worker?

I would like to know about your own daily experience. It seems my life completely twisted in the past 15 years - from practicing 6 to 8 hrs. a day plus listening to music, watching music videos, rehearsing, meeting friends, playing mainly jazz gigs to:

6-8 hrs. behind the computer, writing emails, working on blogs, websites, cutting photos and videos, looking for gigs, organizing gigs, finding clients. 1 hr. of practicing, almost nobody wants to or can rehearse, pop gigs very few jazz. And in between, around, above and beyond always the family (which I love).

So - I am thinking to hire somebody to take over some of that office work. It is always on the edge - thinking there is not enough money to pay somebody monthly - but knowing it might be a big help.

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