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Ulli Jünemann - Saxes and sfx

Jeanfrançois Prins - Guitars and sfx

Jay Anderson - Doublebass

Adam Nussbaum - Drums

I am very proud of this release, playing with these great far the best one ;-) - in my opinion

Ulli Jünemann - Saxes and sfx, Laptop

Christian Eckert - Guitars and sfx, Laptop

Jens Loh - Doublebass

Eva Mayerhofer - Vocals

Get the complete CD Album here: Triologue  

EGO was founded by Ulli Jünemann and Martin Lejeune for the Lounge of ENVISAT, the world's largest civilian Earth observation satellite

Martin Lejeune guit, elect. - Ulli Jünemann as,ss,ts,cl,fl. - Christoph May as,ts,basscl,cl,fl - Georg Maus trb,tuba,bass trb -Thomas Siffling trp,flh - Ulf Kleiner fender rhodes, beat box & echocord - Jens Loh b - Golo Maichel dr

recorded 1998, released @ GLM Music. 

featuring Adam Nussbaum, drums & Uli Glaßmann, Doublebass

recorded and released @ ZYX Music 2003


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